For the long run .. Know the ways to exercise in addition to the most important benefits and damages

For the long run .. Know the ways to exercise in addition to the most important benefits and damages


The long run of aerobic sports, usually requires long-distance running and high speed, a sport that requires great physical and mental energy, you can learn how to exercise long run in addition to the most important benefits and damage in this article, so follow us to learn more. How to practice long-distance running For long distances you have to go long distances once a week, depending on the distance you make the race you will participate, go long distances, and then increase the distance by a mile or two every week for three weeks, and then Reduce the distance by 25% in the fourth week until the muscles recover.

Run fast


In order to do your best, you will have to run the sport at full speed at least once a week, so that the running rate is greater than your usual speed.

Strengthen the body

Exercise that strengthens the body is necessary because it reduces the risk of injury. These exercises help the body to travel long distances, and exercise 30 minutes of strengthening exercises two or three times a week is enough for the runners.

Increase body flexibility

Stretching is an important element in long-running exercise, as it reduces the risk of injury, helps to recover faster, and increases running efficiency. Stretching exercises should be practiced when muscles are warm.

Get some rest

Getting some rest is important when you are running long, as the body gets used to exercise during rest and becomes stronger. If you do not allow the body to have some rest, it may be at greater risk. New adversaries need a minimum of two days of rest each week, while professional airliners need to rest for one day a week.

 Benefits of long running

Running is generally good for you and your health, helping to: Reduce the risk of disease. Reduce the risk of diabetes. Helps to get rid of obesity. Helps to metabolize your fat. Helps the body store glycogen.

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