land of mysterious

Romania .. the land of mysterious nature and colored cities

Romania .. the land of mysterious nature and colored cities


Romania is emerging from its time capsule to the world to impress its visitors with a blend of melted history on the colorful city sidewalks guarded by rocky mountains and rolling hills on the mysterious plains of the countryside. Transylvania cities have long gone to the shores of the enchanting Black Sea, near vibrant Bucharest.

The Carpathian Mountains form a wide arch that runs through the center of the country, with rocky summits surrounded by pine forests and fruit. The green meadows dotted with beautiful wildlife on either side of the Danube, the second longest river in Europe, separate Romania and Bulgaria before heading north to form the largest river delta decorated with trees Cane, which is a sanctuary for the world’s rare species of animals, to finally pour its pure water into the Black Sea.


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We can not forget that Transylvania is the land of the legend of Dracula, which celebrates its castles on the rocky hilltops, which include the terrifying Pran Castle associated with the most famous horror stories, as well as the Corvin Castle, known as the Castle of King Carol I dating back to the 14th century. Charming on the Roman countryside, while the castle of Bilis luxury back to the nineteenth century.

Medieval history fuses the stone lanes of the cities of Brasov, Segiswara and Sibiu, which are adorned with elegant cafés, with the sounds of Roman music scattered among them. Old Gothic and baroque façades echo in the vibrant city of Cluj-Napoca, and Transylvania’s Saxon villages boast the majestic churches over 500 years old.

The rural culture of the peasantry and the fertile land of Romania has flourished for centuries. Its inhabitants have been able to adapt to the difficult mountain geography and turn it into an amazing natural plateau, with huge haystacks and horse-drawn rides from fairy tales and lavish wooden churches. The secluded are practicing their old folk tradition, while witches hide among their daughters among tall pine trees.

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The rock peaks of Transylvania and Moldavia are white in mid-October to be a great destination for skiing and adventure enthusiasts. The Danube Delta offers a haven of tranquility, relaxation, fishing and boating to watch the rare spring birds. Fun activities take you to the depths of the Black Sea during the summer, full of beaches with swimmers, divers and tourists looking for golden sunshine or competing in marathons along the coasts.

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